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So here we are again, a new Monday a new week of work and school. Over the weekend i worked on the bathroom and started to do the quarterly cleaning of the garage so i can let it fall apart again through winter neglect ( its just too cold to go out there for long). No, unfortunately the bathroom is not finished. Some where along the way the bolt from the floor to the toilet got messed up and after an hour of trying to clean it and just put the nut on i gave up. So today i get to go to home depot on the way home and buy a new toilet setting kit and hopefully by Wednesday the toilet will be back in place and then i can get the walls painted by this coming weekend. What took the most time was waiting for the wall compound to dry so i could sand it and apply a new coat and in fact it is still not done. only the part behind the toilet is done and painted.

While the bathroom may not have gotten finished it still was a good weekend. I have now acquired enough tools that i can start to break them up into categories of work like plumbing and tile and so forth and put them in their own tool boxes, which is what i did. So now i can just grab a tool box for the project I'm doing and be on my way instead of trying to gather it all first. I think i will need to make a general tools box too for the things that go in multiple projects so i don't have to keep switching them around. Also I have told Becca that i would like some kind of organizational system for the garage, she told me that if i can find one i like then maybe we can get it. I have to admit that i have it fairly nice when it comes to the accumulation of tools, as long as i can justify needing the tool for a project, i can have it and for the most part i have never taken advantage and gotten something i didn't really need or use.

Not all men can say that, even when they need the tool they are not allowed to get it because their wife doesn't understand why just a screw driver and hammer wont work. That's one of the reasons i am grateful that Becca was in shop at school, she realizes that the right tool not only makes things faster and easier,but sometimes it is the only way it can get done. I've decided lately that if we end up staying in Utah for a while that this next summer i am going to build or buy a small portable garden tool shed so we can get all the garden tools and supplies out of the garage and grouped together out of the way. Then maybe i will tackle the idea of fixing the back wall to the garage so that the door shuts and i don't have to worry if it is going to fall off the foundation, and think of all the lovely tools i can get for those projects :) When will i find out if we are staying here longer? I'm not sure but hopefully soon, i am talking to people and looking up possible avenues for the future so, well see.


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